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Why Choose EENC ?

At Employment and Education Network of Canada, we provide personal career counselling by carefully analyzing your profile using a variety of tools to help you achieve your career goals. Our career counsellors and employment support team lead you to the various career development resources and employment opportunities to stay competitive in the Canadian job market. Preparing our clients for employment is our motto. 

Client Testimonials

I studied Business Admin program at a community college and could not find a job for over 2 years. I tried in many ways to find a job, but there was no hope. One of my relative told me about EENC and I approached them for help. As per their advice, I did a program and after completing my studies EENC helped me to find a job in my field of study. Thank you so much EENC!
I would like to thank EENC that help me get in Canada All Care College which I successfully finished the studies and was able to get a job in the field. I would like give special thanks to Usha to recommended me to EENC and Mano and Jasli who helped me get job in book keeping. My sincere thanks to everyone who helped me in everything!
Hi, I studied Accounting, payroll and business admin programs as guided by the EENC Counsellor. After graduation, the job placement team helped me with my resume, trained me for interviews and got me a job that I love. I am so grateful to all the EENC staff who helped me get my first accounting job.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a school or educational facility?

No, we are not a school nor an educational facility. We give our unbiased opinion about what job outcomes a certain educational program can give you and the type of job you can get.

Do you help students with job placement?

Yes, our clients who successfully complete the program will be directed to our employment services, who will take you through webinars, workshops, resumes and interview coaching and finally match you to a job, if available at your search time.

Can you guarantee a job if I complete a program through you?

No, it’s against the law in Ontario to guarantee a job to anyone, but we will try our best within our capabilities to help you find one. If anyone says that they guarantee you a job, they are most likely breaking the law.

What are the funding options available to me?

The most important thing is you select the right program that can lead you to the right job. However, to help students with their financial needs during their study period, there are financial support options available from different sources. You can talk more in depth about these options with your counselor.

Is there any guaranteed funds available to me?

No, there is no such thing as guaranteed funds. Depending on your financial and family situations, you may be eligible for government grants and loans to help with your studies and living support during your time as a student.

What do I need to do to register for an appointment with a counselor?

We only need your name, phone number and email. We do not store any personal data nor do we verify your personal data at our facility.

How does your system work?

Depending on your previous skills and the type of job you prefer, we recommend different paths and schools that may provide the right training. It is your choice to choose the best program that may fit you. We only provide you with the options and guide you, but at the end of the day, it’s your decision on what you choose. In our recommendations, we highly encourage you to search job descriptions from job posting sites such as or The job descriptions will give you an idea of what to expect from the employer and all other types of information about a job such as the working environment, timing for work, location, etc. So in the simplest of terms, don’t start a program if you are not sure of the outcome.

What if I started a program and I am struggling to complete it?

This happens when you did not do proper research before you started the program to see if that is the best fit for you. The first thing that you should do is see if that is the job you want to do after you complete the program. If the program you are taking is not the one that can lead you to your dream job, that can be a reason for why you lost interest in your studies. I would recommend taking a step back and trying to do a career search to see your choices once more. If the program you are in is the right path to getting your dream job, then talk to a teacher or a program coordinator at your school to see what they would recommend to help you complete your program. Mostly, this happens when students don’t do additional work given to them to complete a course. In simpler terms, there are no shortcuts, you have to find time to spend on classwork. Having a study buddy or a group can help to motivate you and cna help with grasping difficult concepts.