Eight Secrets to Build a Successful Career


“There comes a moment when you have to stop revving up the car and shove it into gear.”

– David Mahoney


In life, the price of lacking initiative can be huge. No one desires a life filled with mediocrity, no one wants to look back on their life and feel that they have not achieved the dreams they set out with.  People who achieve great results in life are proactive regardless of the situations they find themselves in. They understand that success hinges on the simple act of staying in control, taking decisive action and following it up with momentum. 


What you can Absorb and Comprehend:


Successful people stay in control, irrespective of their circumstances.  This is the reason they are more likely to reach their goals. When you are in control of your life, no matter how small a step you take, you will be moving steadily towards your goals.


Instead of being a victim of circumstances, be the creator of circumstances.

Make things happen instead of waiting for them to happen or reacting negatively to adversity. Take decisive action and slowly work towards ultimately reaching your goals. 


And lastly, understand the power of building momentum. How best can we illustrate the effect of momentum? Try pushing a stationary boulder up a mountainside. Now watch the same bounder tumble down at high speed, once it has been set in motion. 


High achievers understand the secret of this momentum. They increase their rate of success by first creating the momentum and then simply riding on it. The right plan backed with momentum is always the way to accomplish our most daunting tasks without fail. 


How you can Excel:


Demonstrating initiative impacts personal growth and professional achievement. 

Here are eight tested ways you can add value and continue to demonstrate your value to 

your employer, clients, colleagues and partners on a daily basis. 


  1. Stay inquisitive. 

To take initiative you should know how things work and how you can improve them. For this purpose, try to observe everything going on around you as much as you can. This will give birth to new ideas and ways to contribute to growth.

  1. Take ownership.

Be alert for ways to make things work better.  Speak up at meetings and make valuable suggestions. Step up and volunteer, take ownership for getting it done. Look for ideas to save money, simplify processes, and find new and better ways of doing things. Be proactive in suggesting improvement ideas and be the example for implementing those processes.


  1. Give more.

Take it upon yourself to be the first to adopt and implement the newest company policy. Do more than is expected of you. If you want to be outstanding, then act outstanding. Try to do something extra all the time. It is also smart to concentrate on your strength areas where you can generate immediately visible and remarkable results.


  1. Think for the team.

If you decide to take initiative at work, then think about yourself as a team member. Reach out to colleagues and team members who need help. Be the first to volunteer for those tough projects and assignments.


  1. Always think ahead. 

Pre-empt likely obstacles with well-thought-out plans. Make it a habit to always think of three possible outcomes for every situation. This will prepare you in advance with the answers to the challenges that may be round the corner. Put yourself in the shoes of your boss or client and consider all deliverables from their perspective before you submit them. Always review your work from a higher plateau, from an elevation.


  1. Be prepared.

Always do your homework, research the subject matter in advance, dig in and immerse yourself in the topic at hand. If there are problems at work or anywhere, deal with them immediately. Get it done decisively, and get it behind you as quickly as possible.


  1. Tap into every opportunity.

Opportunities are hidden everywhere, and people who see them are the ones who prosper. Make a habit of constantly asking yourself: “What can I learn from here, what opportunities for growth can I unearth out of this situation?” You may discover a possibility to take up a prospective project, which will open new horizons. All you need to do is analyze and act.


  1. Constantly keep sharpening yourself.

Tackle new skills and refine your abilities all the time. The best way to learn and grow is by challenging yourself. This will give you the knowledge and confidence to show more initiative in current or upcoming projects. Focus on your strengths and build on them to realize your goals. Your confident gestures, voice, and behavior will play a crucial role in helping you grab the initiative as you move your way up the career ladder and in life. 

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