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My friend passed along Usha’s contact, and after reaching out, she presented me
with various study options. Upon finding the FSW program promising for job
prospects, she offered insightful career counseling that guided me towards the
right course. Additionally, she assisted me with the OSAP Application, showcasing her helpful and kind nature.
Impressed, Irecommended Usha to my friends, who also received her valuable assistance. Upon completing my course, the placement support facilitated my transition into a fulfilling full-time job. Subsequently, I pursued a position in long- term care, where Icurrently work full-time.
I am immensely satisfied and grateful for choosing the FSW program. Many thanks to EENC for their invaluable guidance in shaping my career path.

Bhavisya T 

13 February 2024

I would like to thank EENC for helping me choose the right career, and get a good job after my studies. I am confident that I can be successful in my career. My friend introduced me to Usha and she encouraged me to study the Food Service Worker Program based on my skills and interest. After I successfully completed the course in a community college, I started applying for jobs with my old resume. That is when Jasli approached me from the Job department and provided me support and guidance on how to apply for jobs and later connected me to Mano. I am so grateful to Mano for being there for me all the time and constantly giving me advices on how to improve myself. She modified my resume and contacted various employers on my behalf. I am so happy to say that one of the employers gave me a job offer and I will start working next month.
Thank you so much EENC!

Vinothiny V

30 August 2023

My experience at EENC was wonderful, and a perfect place to pursue our goals. I met 3 Awesome women Neha, Jasli and Mano. They helped me and explained everything thoroughly and in a way which I can understand easily. I loved the way they communicated with me and their always ready to help attitude. With their help I could easily figure out what I needed for my upcoming career. I am perfectly satisfied.


June 9, 2023

One of my friends recommended me to visit EENC for better career options. As per the guidance of the counsellor, I studied the ECA program from a college they referred me to. After I finished the course, I found a job in the field in less than 6 months. 

The staffs at EENC were extremely helpful, they answered all my questions, and supported me in every way. I would recommend EENC for everyone struggling in their career. Thank you very much for all your help!



April 25, 2023

Hi Neha, me and my husband are so grateful for all your efforts in helping us join the diploma we wanted. We would to express our appreciation for your remarkable service on helping us choose the right diploma which would path the way for a better future, also assisting us in every step with our OSAP Application. Without your support we would not have come this far. I also thank EENC for having wonderful consultants like you. You have worked so hard in each and every step on our process, was being patient and listening to our problems and always giving us the best solution. Once again we thank you from all our heart and wish you all the very best for your wonderful future and will always recommend EENC and you to our friends and people we know for getting help in choosing the right pathway for education and employment.

Fathima and Mohammed

28 February 2023

I would like thank EENC that help me get in Canada All Care College which I successfully finished the studies and was able to get a job in the field.  I would like give special thanks to Usha to recommended me to EENC and Mano and Jasli who helped me get job in book keeping. My sincere thanks to everyone who helped me in everything!


17 February 2023

I would like to thank EENC for their help and support in helping me progress in my career. 

The counsellor advised me to study HVAC at a private college. After my studies, I was able to get a job in the field of my studies. 

Thank you for all your help 


Feb 14, 2023

I am in Canada for a long time and I was not able to get a professional job. EENC recommended me to study the Food Service Worker program. Now I am working as a Food service worker and I am happy with my career.I am so thankful to all the staff at EENC.


14 Feb 2023

Hi, I studied Accounting, payroll and business admin program as guided by the EENC Counsellor.

After graduation, the job placement team helped me with my resume, trained me for interviews and got me a job that I love. 

I am so grateful to all the EENC staff who helped me get my first accounting job.



Jan 24, 2023

I need to say thank you to EENC because you guys made me achieve my career. First, I have to say thank you to one of my friends, Priya who introduced me to them. The first time I spoke, Thesa gave me an idea of going into this career. The counsellor helped me with the paperwork so I can go to college. She explained everything I did not understand. I joined college and successfully got my certificate.

They gave me a zoom link and told me to join the webinars. The employment department helped me with everything I needed to get a job.

So, I thank Mano, Luckshi and Thesa for making my career successful.


Aug 7, 2022

My name is Lyvia Joyce, and I am very happy to say that Employment and Education Network Canada became the answer to that prayer. Beginning from the time I was considering taking a diploma, then helping me in choosing the right program, at the right school, down to answering every last enquiry that I had and assisting me in the best way they possibly could 24/7. 

EENC has played a vital role in making me feel confident in taking up the Supply chain and Logistics program. Now, I am happily working as a full time operations Co-ordinator at Quick save Logistics, which is one of the best logistics company in Ontario. All the three things I wanted to do were fulfilled.

Thank you EENC for helping my dreams turn into reality. I wish you all the best and I know you guys will help a lot more people in the future. 

God bless and more power. 


24 May 2022

I was really lost in which direction I should go after losing my job. Thankfully I found EENC and I am very happy with their services. They guided me through which career path I should take and helped me take the right program. After the completion of the program, they informed me about the job prospects I could get. 

Thank you so much EENC. 

Alicia M

23 May 2022

When I came to EENC, I was very confused, and I was lost. Their advicing was very helpful, and they guided me throughout the whole process. It was amazing how everything worked out so well. They helped me to find the right college, with the right course that better fits my interest. I am very satisfied and happy with all the process. Every time I need help they are always there to answer my call, support me and help me. 

I just wanted to thank you so much and really appreciate it. I am on my way to succeed on the course that I am doing. 

Thank you for everything EENC has done for me.

Doreen Q
22 May 2022

I lost my job in 2019 due to the pandemic, I had no idea which direction I should go, and what career I should choose. I got to know about EENC and they helped me a lot to take the license program according to my interest as my background is Engineering. Currently I am half way through the program and I am also getting help in my resume building by Mr. Thesa and Rathi and job finding by EENC. I am thankful to EENC for their free help and service. 

I really appreciate them. Thank you!

Gaze A
9 December 2021

“I would like to thank the whole EENC Team for your assistance, guidance and encouragement that you

gave me. I couldn’t have done it without all your help. School wasn’t easy but your guidance and

encouragement kept me going through the challenging but productive journey. I successfully finished

my program and I am now working as a Dental assistant at Mississauga. Thank you very much EENC, I

would highly recommend anyone to work with your company.”

“I would like to thank the EENC staff for getting my career back on track. The company I worked for

more than 15 years laid me off because the management changed. I got denied for EI benefits soon

after. My appeal failed twice. I approached EENC through a friend and they guided me to getting my EI

benefits back. Also, I am in the process of getting Second Career funding to get back to the job I wanted.

Thanks again EENC.”

                                                                                                                                                       -Sofia K

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all for helping me get into the second career program.

From start to finish you guys handled everything professionally. I just want to let you know that The

Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development has approved my second career program. Last

Friday they called me to signed a contract with them and next Monday July 11, 2016 I will officially start

training. I am very happy and looking forward to work on my studies. I want to thank you very much for

all your help and your guidance. You are surely great help. Thanks! Thanks!


I am really glad to write this review, I felt that this session was extremely helpful, very informative & meaningful. Also, I appreciate that you were kind to contact me today even we planned for yesterday. As a newcomer you provide a clear cut for my path. You were a good listener and guider it meant a lot to me emotionally. I confidently refer you & the organization for anyone who seeks help. 

Thank you

Dunya D.K

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